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The Sanctuary of Zael
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There are many different worlds in the multiverse, and also many places where different worlds and dimensions meet. The Sanctuary is one such place, a nexus, though not as open as some. Currently, the one main entrance is connected to Zael through the bar, though there may be others to come. Nevertheless, it's not impossible to get here from elsewhere...just a little bit more difficult.

Reality here is fairly stable, but it can bend and twist with a little bit of effort. Random things have a tendency to happen (and not so random things, especially if they're convenient), and plotholes do show up, but they're never harmful. This realm is closely watched and protected. Never you mind how. If you decide to cause trouble, don't say that I didn't warn you.

The terrian is varied - plains, forests, small lakes, and even a beach, though the ocean ends abruptly after about half a mile. There are also doors, which lead to even more places in the Sanctuary. Some are locked - don't go in those unless someone invites you with them.

Rules are as follows:

Visitors of all shapes, sizes, and species are welcome here as long as they follow the rules.

Please refrain from harrassing people here, physically or verbally. No fighting, either.

Check your wangst at the door, please (angst happens, wangst gets annoying). There's really no need for it here, and it's called a Sanctuary for a reason.

That's it. Now play nice, kids.

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